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Dr.Weight // Bariatric surgery // Operations aimed at narrowing the stomach

Operations aimed at narrowing the stomach

Bariatric Surgery - – 2008

Operations designed to narrow of the stomach are referred to as restrictive. Today, only two restrictive operations are commonly performed in the world:

  1. Adjustable gastric banding.
  2. Sleeve gastrectomy.

The basic concept of both operations is similar, andthey use the same mechanism of weight loss.

Operations aimed at narrowing the stomach

Figure 4 shows in the stomach (#2) an accumulation of dots (#3) in an area below the connection of the esophagus (#1) and the stomach. This area contains the receptors of satiety – specific nerve cells which send the signal to the brain that the stomach is full and the person must stop eating. These cells start working when the wall of the stomach becomes distended by the food. Such a distension usually takes place only when a large amount of food is eaten. (The normal volume of the stomach is approximately 2 litres, meaning that one must swallow 2 litres of food to activate the satiety receptors.) Restrictive operations work by artificially activating these receptors. Gastric banding is an example of this.